Standard Production

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Standard Production

A standard Production run involves these main steps:

1.Locate the documents to produce.  

Open the database containing the documents you want to produce.  

Run a search query to locate the documents you want to produce.

Create a tag specific to this production (i.e. PROD1), and apply the tag to the documents to be produced.

2.Mark up documents for production

Verify that proper annotations have been applied to the records you want to include in the production.  This includes:

oRedactions to indicate and/or cover confidential or privileged information.

oWhite redaction to hide internal control numbers, vendor branding, and other information not needed in the production.

3.Capture tag activity

Run the Tag To Field Command to capture the tags that were applied to each record before creating the production.

4.Run the production.  The process for running the production is determined by the viewer associated with your database:

Run a production for Concordance Viewer

Run a production for Concordance Native Viewer

Run a production for Concordance Image

5.Verify the production output

6.Create a production database



Do not open the Admin Console while running a Production.