Creating a Production Database

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Creating a Production Database

After running a production and verifying the produced images, it is best practice to create a database for the production.  See Exporting Database Records for more details on the Export Wizard.

Create a Production Database

1.In Concordance, make sure that the production query you used is still active in the database or rerun the production query in the database.

2.On the Documents menu, select Export, and click As a Concordance database.  The Export Wizard - Database dialog displays.

3.Click Browse.  Navigate to the directory where the production was created, type a production database File name, and click Open.

4.Click Next.  the Export Wizard - Fields dialog displays.

5.The database list defaults to the currently open database and all the database's fields are displayed in the list.  You can update the list of fields if you do not want all fields included in the production database.

6.Click Next.  The Append/Replace dialog displays.

7.Choose the Append all records option since you are creating a new production database.

8.Click Next.  The Export Wizard - Export dialog displays.  The First and Last record numbers in the new production database to create are displayed.

9.Click Export.  You will see a confirmation dialog.  Click Yes to create the new database.

10.The Export Wizard automatically closes when the export is complete.

11.On the File menu, select Open.  Navigate to the location where you created the new production database, select the .dcb file that was created, and click Open.

12.On the File menu, select Modify.  The Modify dialog displays.

13.Identifying the production number as the image alias for this production database will allow Concordance and the viewers to synchronize the produced images with their corresponding records in the database.  Modify the database's image alias:

Find the current database field that is marked with the Image check box.  Clear the Image check box for that field.

Find the field you used to store your production numbers (i.e. BEGPROD) and update the field to select the Image check box.  

Click OK to save your changes.

14.On the File menu, select Reindex.

15.Close Concordance and any viewer that may be open.

16.Reopen the production database in Concordance.

17.On the Dynamic toolbar, click the View image (camera) button to open the viewer and the produced images linked to the production database you created.