Preparing Productions

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Preparing Productions

Concordance provides the tools you need to permanently fuse headers, footers, and annotations onto the new .tif or .pdf files. This ensures that your files are branded properly and that opposing counsel and any internal review staff do not receive original copies or view privileged content.

There are several steps involved in the overall Production process:

1.Generate new production numbers and cross-reference them back to the Concordance database.

2.Create new files.

3.Burn in redactions and other selected annotations.

4.Create CD/DVD productions.

5.Create subsets of imagebases.

6.Create load files.

Each time you produce a batch of records, a new set of production files are created. This ensures that original records are never changed, and that there is always a backup copy of document changes.


When creating productions, close any other database tabs so Concordance does not synchronize with a different database incorrectly. We recommend having no more than three tabs or databases open during this process.

When exporting a concatenated set for productions, you can only export fields from one selected database structure.

Production Checklist

Refer to this checklist to ensure all steps are completed before running a production.


File Numbering


Have you determined a file numbering and naming convention for your images?


Have you created fields in your database to store your new production numbers?


Delivery  Media


Do you have the proper production request file formats and media delivery types from opposing counsel or other third parties?




Have you reviewed documents categorized for production for possible tagging inconsistencies by reviewers?


Did you run the Tag To Field command on production documents to capture tag activity at the time of production? Tag names can be placed into a field called PRODTAGS1.


Back-ups and File Storage


Did you save a backup copy of your media files before production?


Did you back up your imagebase files?


Did you a create subdirectory folder for your new files?


Final Review


Have you reviewed the [database name]-Redlines.dcb database for all markings and make global edits on redaction text and highlight colors, as needed? (Concordance Image only)