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In CloudNine™ Explore, you can use the search feature to search through filtered case records that have been imported into CloudNine™ Explore. Searching is only performed on filtered records for a case. For example, if a case contains 3,000 records, but after filtering the records there are only 500 records, a search query is only run against those 500 remaining case records.

CloudNine™ Explore is capable of quickly searching through case data due to automatically creating a comprehensive index during the import process. There are two levels of searching in CloudNine™ Explore:

Basic Searching - Performing keyword (one word) searches and locating all instances of that term in the filtered case records.

Advanced Full-Text Searching - Performing searches with two or more search terms or phrases to gain stronger, more precise search results.

Search terms can be more than one word. They can also be numbers, text phrases, or a combined use of terms and search operators. A search term is typed into the Search Query field with results displaying in the Document list.

All records or individual records returned from a search query can be tagged in CloudNine™ Explore. For more information about tagging search queries, see Tagging.

CloudNine™ Explore uses the dtSearch® search engine to perform searches. For more information about dtSearch, see


Search results do not include mail store files, such as .pst and .nsf files, or archive files, such as .zip files.

For more information, see Running Searches and Search Operators.