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With the tagging feature in CloudNine™ Explore, tags can be applied to documents to help track, sort, and organize the documents in a case. For example, tags can be applied to documents that need to be converted to TIFF or PDF, produced to paper, or responsive documents. Users may even wish to tag documents that should be produced at a larger paper size or produced in color. This feature makes it easier for any project (scanned or electronic discovery) to be produced.

There are three types of tagging in CloudNine™ Explore:

Individual tagging

oDocument-level tags are manually applied to individual documents from the Document Tagging section at the bottom of the document details pane on the Filters, OCR, Search, Export and Exceptions tabs in CloudNine™ Explore.

Group tagging

oGroup-level tags are applied to documents based on the group the documents belong to, such as a search query or exception category. With group tagging, the group tag is applied to all documents currently in the group. For example, if you apply a group tag to a search query, the group tag is applied to all documents currently returned in the search results once the tag is applied. If documents are added to the case causing a change in search results, the group tag is automatically applied to any new documents. Group tags are applied from the Group Tagging dialog box on the Search and Exceptions tabs.

EdaId tagging

oDocument-level tags are applied to documents based on the EdaId field value assigned to a document. EdaId tagging allows you to quickly apply a tag to a large number of documents at one time.

oEdaId tagging can be useful if documents are exported from CloudNine™ Explore to be processed in another tool, or when processing documents that require a specific tag to be applied. With EdaId tagging, you can import a line-delimited list of the EdaId field values for the documents you want to tag. Tags are applied by EdaId field in the Tag Imported IDs dialog box.

Tags are added to a case, maintained, and exported on the Tags tab in the New Case Settings and Edit Case Settings dialog boxes. For more information, see Applying Tags.