Magnifying records in the viewer

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Magnifying records in the viewer

In the Concordance Viewer, you can zoom, magnify, pan and rotate documents depending on the record type and particular content. For instance, handwritten documents are harder to read online and perhaps illegible in some instances. Special magnifying tools from the mouse options and view toolbar allow you to read with ease and inspect signature details.

To Adjust the Magnification of the Document View

Based on the Mouse Mode selection, and using the View toolbar, do any of the following:

To zoom in or out on a document, select the Pan/Zoom tool then use the mouse wheel.  Rotate the wheel forward to increase the magnification or rotate the wheel down to decrease the magnification.

To enlarge a selected area, click the Area Zoom tool and drag the tool across the area you want to enlarge then double click in the box to zoom.

To open a magnifier window, click Magnifier and drag the tool over the area you want to magnify.

To rotate a document in 90 degree increments, click the Rotate Clockwise or the Rotate Counterclockwise button.

To fit the entire width of a document in the workspace, click the Fit to Width button.

To fit the entire image of a document in the workspace, click the Best Fit button.

Using Sticky Markup and Sticky Rotate

Many documents are often scanned with a portrait page view setting, making online reading a challenge unless the page is rotated. The Sticky Rotate setting makes reviewing easier by changing the page layout to a landscape view and keeping it there even while navigating between records.

The Sticky Markup and Sticky Rotate functions are located on the Document Options menu:

Sticky Markup - keeps your markup settings as you move from record to record. If you uncheck the selection, then you will need to select the markup each time to use it.

Sticky Rotate - retains the rotated settings as you page through a record. These settings are especially helpful if you are reviewing a spreadsheet.  If you uncheck the selection, and then navigate to the next record, the record defaults to its original view.

A check mark next to each option on the Document Options menu indicates that this setting is selected. The selections are maintained for the current database when Concordance Desktop is closed and reopened.

Sticky rotate is also effective when viewing a homogenous population that all need rotation.  Sticky rotate is retained between document navigation until the setting is unchecked.