Concordance Viewer

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Concordance Viewer

Content review of documents is primarily done with the Concordance Viewer. The Concordance Viewer allows you to magnify the original document image for clarity and inspection, and provides a variety of markup tools specifically designed for privileged content and trial preparation. Once you have reviewed and annotated the content, especially redacting key information, the document markings are automatically saved and the changes secured.

Concordance Desktop stores references to all native documents and image information in a single Concordance Desktop Image Base database (.cib) file. The .cib file is located in the same folder as the associated Concordance Desktop database (.dcb).

The Concordance viewer works with the following file types:

File Type


*.tif, *.tiff

Tagged Image File

*.jpg, *.jpeg

Joint Photographic Experts Group


Adobe Portable Document Format

Imported eDocs and eMails are automatically converted to near-native PDF files for viewing.

For load file imports, there is an option to convert to PDF for near-native viewing during database creation.  If the .opt has unsupported file types, they can be converted at import or converted later using the Optimize feature on a document, a query, or the database.