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CloudNine™ Explore and CloudNine™ Explore Web help legal professionals and their service providers meet the increasing demands in the discovery of printed and electronic documents.

In practice, Explore and Explore Web support several key processes.

Prefilter large document sets

CloudNine™ Explore is a standalone prefiltering module available with the CloudNine™ LAW suite. Use it to implement high volume electronic discovery productions. CloudNine™ Explore indexes, filters, and produces export sets Culled documents are passed directly to CloudNine™ LAW for full expansion and production. For more information see Filtering.

Tag documents

You can tag documents as part of the prefiltering process in CloudNine™ Explore. Tags can be used to easily identify documents as needed. For example, you can tag documents that are responsive or need to be converted to TIFF. Tagging makes your projects easier to produce. For more information see Tagging.


CloudNine™ Explore offers reporting on document time-line, exceptions, export exclusion and inclusion, file types, language and much more. See Creating Reports for details.

Export to CloudNine™ LAW

You can generate an export set in CloudNine™ Explore and send it to a CloudNine™ LAW case or a native file output directory. The export function also allows you to override filtering to include entire e-mail threads containing a filtered document or to only export filtered items with a specified tag. See Exporting for details.

Analyze and Review using CloudNine™ Explore Web

You can connect to your data via Web browser, conduct analysis, reviews, and more by connecting CloudNine™ Explore to CloudNine™ Explore Web. For more information see Using CloudNine™ Explore Web.