Moving a registered database

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Moving a registered database

If you need to move the location of a database that has already been registered in Concordance Desktop, you need to complete several steps.

To move a registered database:

1.Unregister the database in Concordance Desktop. See Registering/unregistering a database.

2.Move the database folder (including the natives folder) to the new location.

3.Open the Concordance Desktop Admin Console. See Opening the Admin Console.

4.Register the database. See Registering/unregistering a database.

5.Close the Admin Console.

6.Open the database in Concordance Desktop. See Opening a database.

7.Update the path to the Native files. See Renaming file paths and folders.

8.Reindex the database. See Indexing and reindexing updates (This step may not be necessary, but suggested).

9.Run the CreateHyperlinks CPL. See CreateHyperlinks.

10.Test the path in Concordance Desktop. Open the database again and test a few of the hyperlinks.