Managing Persistent Search

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Managing Persistent Search

One method for storing search terms is to write the terms directly to a text file that is stored with the database. The Persistent Search feature searches for the terms included in the <databasename>_Persistent.txt file and highlights term(s) in each record where they are found.  

Persistent Search, when enabled, remains active even after the results are returned. When new records are added to a database and the Persistent Search feature is enabled, simply reindex the database and then the new records are automatically included in the search results if the records meet the criteria.  

If a query is run in conjunction with the Persistent Search enabled, the search results are returned for both the query and the persistent search,  and the terms are highlighted in the Browse view. The search query results are displayed in a different color than those found from the Persistent Search.  The color settings are defined on the Searching tab of the Preferences dialog box, see Defining preferences.

The Persistent Search feature may be run in conjunction with the Quick, Simple, Form, and Advanced Search queries to refine the search results even further.  However, when combining search queries a maximum number of 255 characters is allowed.  If a search is performed and then Persistent Search is activated make sure that the total number of characters does not exceed 255 to ensure the correct results are returned.

To Add Search Terms to the Persistent Search File

1.Navigate to the database's Persistent.txt file.

i.The .txt file is stored in the same directory as the database .dcb file.

2.Open the Persistent.txt file in any text editor program.

Persistent.txt files can be opened with any text editor program, such as Notepad.

3.In the Persistent.txt file, type a search term, and then press Enter.

The maximum number of characters per search term is 64.

4.Repeat step 3 for each term you want to include in the text file.

5.When finished, save the file and close the text editor.