Managing Databases

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Managing Databases

Ongoing maintenance of your Concordance Desktop databases is standard practice as an administrator. Refer to this module to review database management guidelines and tips, and for general maintenance processes.

Database Management Includes the Following Procedures for Quality Control and Maintenance

Assigning database administrators

Taking databases offline

Synchronizing databases

Backing Up and Archiving Databases

Subsequent loads

Performing data entry and editing

Creating Authority word lists

Performing global replacements

Checking for duplicate records

Packing the dictionary

Packing databases

Zapping databases

Modifying database field structure

Exclusive Administrator Processes

Some database management tasks require that all other users are logged out of the database when they are performed. The administrator is the only user allowed in the database when the following processes are occurring:







Converting or upgrading to a current version

To verify whether any users are currently logged on to Concordance Desktop, you need to log into the Concordance Desktop server computer.

To see users currently logged in, Open the Admin Console, and click the Connections tab. The Server tab displays all users who are access what databases on the server.

To disconnect users: Call them and ask them to save their work and close the database(s) they have open. If it is an emergency and you need to take the database offline immediately, you can disconnect users from the Connections tab by highlighting their name and clicking the large red X in the Active Connections toolbar. Note that when you do this, the users will lose any of the work they have done in the database if they haven't saved it.