Packing the dictionary

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Packing the dictionary

Packing the dictionary is similar to defragmenting your hard drive; it gets rid of unnecessary entries to keep your system running faster and smarter. Good routine maintenance is to pack the dictionary after you pack the database and also each time you reindex.

Packing the database regularly:

Increases database processing and search speed

Increases reindex speed by up to 6X

Optimizes the dictionary file and makes it smaller

For more information about packing databases, see Deleting records in Concordance Desktop.

To Pack the Dictionary

1.On the File menu, click Administration, then Pack, and then Dictionary.

2.Clicking Dictionary opens the Administration dialog box.

3.In the User field, type the administrator's user ID.

4.In the Password field, type the administrator's password.

5.Click OK.

i.Clicking OK opens the pack status dialog box and starts the pack process.

ii.When Concordance Desktop finishes packing the dictionary, the status dialog box closes.