Reviewing Transcript Notes

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Reviewing Transcript Notes


A quick review of a transcript notes and issues can be done in the Notes panel. Select a specific note in the Notes list and the Properties pane updates to display the details for that note.

To Review Notes and Issues in a Transcript

1.Open the transcript in the Browse view.

2.Open the Notes task pane.

3.In the Notes panel, select either View by notes or View by issues to display the list of notes or issues.  Notes and issues display in the order they appear in the transcript, not eht order applied.

4.Select a note or issue in the Notes pane.  The selected note or issue will be highlighted and displayed in the transcript on the right.  The Properties pane updates to display the location, plus attachment information.

5.You can also double-click a note or issue in the transcript to open the Notes dialog and edit the note, issue, and/or attachment.