Applying Redactions

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Applying Redactions

The Redaction tool allows you to place one or more redactions (rectangular boxes) over various areas of sensitive information within a document.  In Concordance Image, the redaction appears transparent when your are moving it, to allow you to make sure the redaction covers the information you want to conceal.  

It is recommended to us a different color for redactions than other markups.  This ensures that the markup type can be easily differentiated when viewing a document.

On the Redaction tab of the Preferences dialog, you can customize the redaction text, font, and list placement, create a list of redaction terms, and set the default redaction text.  If there is more than one redaction term defined in Preferences, the terms are available for selection when you right-click a redaction in Concordance Image.  For more information, see Preferences.


To Add a Redaction

1.On the Redline toolbar, click the Redaction tool.

2.Using the mouse, select an area in the document to redact.  Concordance Image displays a redaction box.

3.Right click on the redaction box to alter the color or redaction text.