Review with Concordance Image

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Review with Concordance Image

Content review of records can be done with Concordance Image. Concordance Image allows you to magnify the original document image for clarity and inspection (especially for dates and signatures), and provides a variety of annotation tools specifically designed for privileged content and trial preparation. Once you have annotated content, especially redacted key information, the document markings are automatically saved and the changes secured. A third-party, such as opposing counsel, will not be able to uncover the redaction information or remove any notable markings once they are burned onto a new set of images during production.

Concordance Image opens image records in a secondary window, which can be resized to view alongside the main Concordance application, allowing you to see both the Browse and Table views while reading the full document content.

Not all case records are viewable in Concordance Image. Transcript files are text files stored in a separate database and viewable only in the Browse and Table views. Notes entered in the Browse view are not viewable in the image view because they are separate text files. Similarly, notes entered in Concordance Image records are not viewable in the Browse view because they are scanned image files. The same document files are linked in the database for full search functionality, but record additions are not transferable for viewing purposes.

Supported Files

Concordance Image works with the following file types:

File Type


*.tif, *.tiff

Tagged Image File

*.jpg, *.jpeg

Joint Photographic Experts Group


Graphic Image File




PC Paintbrush Bitmap

*.cal, *.mil

CALS Files

*.dir, *.fyi

Concordance Image imagebase