Silent Installations

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Silent Installations

Sentinel RMS License Manager is installed separately from LAW.  When configuring LAW, you will need to make sure you have access to your License Server and that you have a valid LAW License.


InfoIcon Performing a Silent Install

When you need to install the full version of CloudNine™ LAW, including CloudNine™ Explore, on numerous machines, you can save time by running Silent Installations of LAW and Explore. Silent Installations install applications without prompting you for input during the installation.

1.Open a Command Prompt window by typing "cmd" in the Windows Search box and then selecting Run as administrator.

2.Determine which version of LAW you wish to install, and note the name of the associated installation executable.  This name becomes the <installation executable> portion of the command line.

i.For example, the installer for LAW 7.4 is named "law_full_7.4.58.exe" (without quotations).

3.Determine which features you want to install.  Features are added as a comma-delimited list (no spaces, and feature names are case-sensitive), becoming the <feature list> portion of the command line.

i.For example, to install all available features, your <feature list> would be "LawApplication,LAWPrinterDrivers,ExploreApplication" (without quotations).

Features available for installation:

LawApplication - Installs the CloudNine™ LAW application.

LAWPrinterDrivers - Installs the TIFF Print Drivers.

ExploreApplication - Installs the CloudNine™ Explore application and service.

4.Enter the following in the Command Prompt window, replacing the <installation executable> and <feature list> with the values you determined in Steps 2-3:

<installation executable> /s /qn ADDLOCAL=<feature list>

5.Press ENTER in the Command Prompt window to run the silent installation on the machine.