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In order to authenticate your LAW installation, you will need a software License. There are several Licenses available for purchase, each providing access to different bundles of features and functionalities found within LAW. Each of these Licenses comes with a set amount of Seats, which are the total number of users who access them at any given time.

RightArrowFor an overview on the different features and functionality that come bundled with each License, read more about License Types.


License Server

All software Licenses must be hosted on a License Server, which can only be assigned and managed through the License Manager utility. The License Manager utility is also used to activate software Licenses (known as Product Keys) on the License Server, and track their available Seats. Any computer or virtual machine with the Sentinel RMS License Manager installed may be assigned as a License Server through the License Manager utility. The current version of the License Manager can be found inside of the LAW install. i.e. to install the License Manager you just need to install LAW. However, you do not need to set up LAW to work on the License Server.

RightArrowFor instructions on installing the Sentinel RMS License Manager, refer to the Sentinel Installer topic.

RightArrowFor instructions on activating Licenses within the License Manager utility after a fresh LAW installation, read the License Server topic.

RightArrowFor advanced help with the License Manager utility, please Contact Customer Support. They will direct you to an appropriate set of instructions for your needs.

LAW Profile Manager

Once your Licenses have been activated on the License Server, you can access their available Seats by selecting a License Profile from within the LAW Profile Manager, which opens every time LAW is launched unless the Prompt for profile when starting LAW option is disabled. Custom License Profiles are configurable by an administrator, and determine which Seats are to be occupied by a given instance of LAW.


RightArrowFor more information on using or configuring custom License Profiles within the LAW Profile Manager, please Contact Customer Support.