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License Types

There are several Licenses available for purchase, each providing access to different bundles of features and functionality found within CloudNine™ LAW, Explore, and Explore Web. Every available License is listed below, along with the features they include. You can view this information in a spreadsheet format for LAW features only by viewing the LAW License Matrix.

Please Contact Sales for help in choosing an appropriate License that fits your needs.

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All Licenses

Every License provides the following basic set of features:

Opening Case Files

Full use of the View and Help menus

Navigation of the Case Directory

Rotating pages within the Document Viewer

Printing images from document records

Viewing document page properties

Use of the Grid Views

Use of the Run Commands

Customizing LAW through the Options tool


Admin (Import/Export)

Allows you to perform the following administrative functions:

Create new Case Files

Create and modify Metadata Fields

Import and export electronic documents (not through ED Loader)

Create and delete folders within the Case Directory

Save and apply Case Templates

Validate document ranges

Summarize and reorganize documents

Scan for errors

Compact the Case File database

View Reports


Imaging Agent

Provides access to the Turbo Imager process within the Batch Processing Utility, which quickly converts documents to TIFF or PDF format without requiring access to their native programs.


Import Agent

Provides access to the Turbo Import utility, which is required for creating Turbo Import enabled Case Files.


Electronic Discovery E-Print

Allows you to:

Batch print native files directly to paper

Print slip-sheets with document information


Electronic Discovery TIFF/PDF

Allows you to:

Replace images or PDF files

Convert native files and documents to TIFF images or PDF files (requires access to their native programs)



Allows you to:

Apply headers, footers, and watermarks to printed pages

Batch print image records

Print slip-sheets between documents with or without Metadata Field information


Scan Gold/Platinum

There are two different Scan Licenses, which differ only in the amount of scan tokens they provide. The Gold Scan License provides a limited number of tokens, which are removed one at a time from the License Key each time a scan is performed. The Platinum Scan License provides unlimited scanning tokens. Both Licenses provide access to the following features:

Full use of the Scan and Edit menus

Creating and deleting folders

Numbering documents

Cleaning up images

Managing OCR flags



Allows you to:

Assign headers, footers, and watermarks

Number documents

Endorse documents


CD Publishing with Full Text

Allows you to create searchable OCR indexes for Storm exports.

Edit/Review (QC)

Provides full use of the Edit and Folder menus, along with access to the following quality control and coding features:


Log viewing

Inserting existing pages

Deleting documents and pages

Replacing images

Auto-numbering at the page or document level

Splitting, merging, or moving pages

Page-level cleanup

Searching, filtering, grouping, coding, and tagging records

Document numbering, image cleanup, scanning for suspect footers, and updating of page data


Setting preferences


ED Loader

Provides access to the ED Loader, which allows you to:

Import native files

Import metadata

Extract text from native files

Deduplicate native files


Full Text Indexing

Allows you to:

Index extracted text

Perform full-text searching with Case Files using SQL Server Databases


Near-Duplicate/Email Thread

NOTICE:  This License is only displayed within the LAW Profile Manager in administrative mode.

Allows you to:

Perform near-duplicate and email thread analysis in both LAW and Explore

View and compare near-duplicates in both LAW and Explore Web

View email threads in Explore Web

Generate and populate near-duplicate and email thread fields


OCR (ExperVision OpenRTK)

Provides access to the ExperVision OpenRTK engine, which allows you to:

Perform OCR at the document or page level

Manage OCR flags


OCR (ExperVision PDF Add-On)

Allows you to:

Create searchable PDF files using the ExperVision OpenRTK engine for OCR


OCR (ABBYY FineReader)

Provides access to the ABBYY FineReader engine, which allows you to:

Perform OCR at the document or page level with a wide range of languages (Supported Languages)

Manage OCR flags

Create searchable PDF files


TSI Scan

Allows you to:

Scan and import documents to Case Files using the LAWtsi (Touch Screen Interface)