Verifying connectivity

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Verifying connectivity

Reference the Connectivity Checklist for the Concordance Desktop server, to make sure you have completed all necessary steps to ensure connectivity channels for servers, databases, and users.


Checklist: Concordance Desktop server Connectivity



Is Concordance Desktop installed on the machine you are using as the Concordance Desktop server, and activated with a Server license?

Did you remember to set up a valid administrator account in Microsoft Windows?

Did you set up your firewall ports?



Did you register existing 10.x databases in the Admin Console or place them in the Registration Directory (DB Smart Path)?

Is the Yes option displayed in the Online field for the database (Admin Console, Management tab, Databases)?

Did you associate your Concordance Desktop databases to the client and matter that applies for each database?

*Clients are for organizational purposes only.

Did you setup all database administrators in the Admin Console?


Users/User Groups

Have you setup user groups and associated them with matters that are associated databases?

Do you have users associated to a database in the Concordance Desktop Admin Console?

Did you save a .fyi file for each database that remote Concordance Desktop users need to access?

Does each user have a valid ID and password in the Admin Console, and does it match what is used for authentication?