Adding new license keys

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Adding new license keys

Before you can add user license keys to the Concordance Desktop server, you need to contact Concordance Desktop Sales to request the licenses your organization will need. CloudNine sends an e-mail containing the applicable license keys. Once you have the licenses keys, you can add them to the Concordance Desktop server from the Admin Console.

To Add a New License Key

1.Contact Concordance Desktop Sales at to request an FYI Reviewer license.

i.In the license request, please include the following:

Your organization’s server name

Number of seats needed

Length of time needed per seat

i.When your seat request is approved, CloudNine will send an e-mail containing the license keys.

2.Once you receive the license keys, Log onto the Admin Console on the Concordance Desktop server where you need to add the license keys.

3.Click the Licenses tab.

4.Copy the license key from the e-mail (CTRL+C) and paste it (CTRL+V) into the Enter a new license key here field.

5.Click the Activate button to enable the license for this server.

6.Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each license key you need to add.


When the seats are activated, the license count at the top of the tab is updated, and the license key is added to the license key list on the Licenses tab. Seats are valid during the date range you specified in the e-mail.

When you enter the license key, ensure that you include the semi-colon at the end, and that there are no extra spaces at the front or end of the entry, otherwise you will receive an error stating that it is an invalid or duplicate license.