Setting up email notifications

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Setting up email notifications

As the administrator of the Concordance Desktop server, you may want to be notified via email when there are issues concerning the Concordance Desktop server. In order to receive notification, you need to setup your email address, and the issues for which you would like to receive email notifications.

You need to also setup SMTP Options in order for the notification to be sent. In addition, you must have an email client installed on the server in order to send notifications.

To Setup Email Notification

1.Open the Admin Console.

2.Click the Setting tab.

3.Double-click on Email Notifications to expand it.

4.Type your email address, or whatever address you want notification to be sent, in the Email field.

i.To receive specific types of notifications, you need to set the notification to Yes.

5.Click on the field of the type of notification you want to receive, and then click Yes.

6.Repeat step 5 for each notification you want to receive.

7.Ensure that No is selected for those notifications that you do not want to receive.

You must now setup your SMTP Options so that the notification can be sent from the server.