Adjusting dictionary cache settings

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Adjusting dictionary cache settings

The Dictionary cache (MB) setting controls the amount of memory the dictionary cache uses to process list files. We recommend a dictionary cache setting of 32 MB for the Concordance Desktop server. A server allocation smaller than 32 MB can cause contention between client sessions.

Dictionary Cache is used to process list files including:

Database dictionary

Database key file

Stopword files

Files for spell checking

Miscellaneous .LST files

Security files

Password files

To Modify the Dictionary Cache Size

1.Click the Settings tab.

2.In the Server Settings section under Indexing settings, click the megabytes in the Dictionary cache (MB) row, and type or scroll to the dictionary cache size you want to use in megabytes.

i.The Dictionary cache (MB) setting defaults to 32 MB.

3.Click Apply to save your settings.