Restoring tags from a backup

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Restoring tags from a backup

The Backup and Restore Tag Utility can be used to set up a list of databases to be monitored for tag integrity.  When a TRK file becomes damaged or is no longer functioning, the affected database is listed on the Restore tab with a list of backups allowing you to restore the TRK file to an earlier point in time.

To Restore a Damaged TFK File

1.From the Tools menu, click Backup and Restore Tag Utility.

2.In the Backup and Restore Tag Utility dialog box, click the Restore tab.

3.In the Damaged TRK file(s) section, select the TRK file to restore.

4.From the Restore Tags From list, select the date and time to restore the TRK file.

5.Click the Restore button.

6.When finished, click OK.