Creating and Managing Tags

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Creating and Managing Tags

Typically a Concordance Desktop Administrator or Litigation Support Manager works with a lead attorney to build a set of tags for case review that include standard naming conventions and that adhere to internal guidelines for a case review. These tags are often organized into folder structures that indicate phases of review, case topics, or are designated by reviewer. Once tagging conventions are determined, as the administrator you will most likely be setting up these tags and folders after you build the database so the review team can be begin searching and tagging immediately.

If you are working with a team of administrators, we recommend that only one or two people be in charge of tag management, especially when making new ones and deleting unnecessary tags. This prevents duplication of efforts and helps tag trees remain uncluttered for all reviewers working in the database.

Managing tags in Concordance Desktop requires the following:

Creating and applying tags to documents and queries

Removing, renaming, and deleting tags and folders

Importing and Exporting tags

Querying tags and folders

Tracking tag activity in the Tags task pane and .TRK file

Backing up the tag file


For more information about basic and advanced tagging and tagging strategies, see the topics in the Basic Tagging and Advanced Tagging books under the Using Concordance Desktop book.