Printing individual records and transcripts

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Printing individual records and transcripts

You can print an individual record, transcript, or selected text from the Browse view. When you print from the Browse view, Concordance Desktop only prints the record or transcript file currently displayed in the Browse view.

Before you print a record or transcript, you can preview how the document will print by clicking Print Preview on the File menu.

If you have another view, such as the Table view, open with the Browse view, the Print and Print Preview menu selections may be disabled on the File menu. Click on the record or transcript file in the Browse view to activate the Print Preview and Print menu selections.

For additional print options, you can click the Print button on the Standard toolbar. For more information about printing from the Standard toolbar, see Printing standard reports.

To Print an Individual Record or Transcript

1.In the Browse view, open the record or transcript you want to print.

2.On the File menu, click Print or right-click in the Browse view and click Print record.

3.Click OK to print the record or transcript file.

To Print Selected Text in the Browse View

1.In the Browse view, select the text you want to print.

2.Right-click the selected text and click Print selection.

3.Click OK to print the selected text.