Extending user sessions

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Extending user sessions

User sessions expire when the software sits idle for the time specified on the Connections tab. You can manually extend a user session back to the default time-out period, or enter a zero to disable time-outs.

For more information about defining the default time-out period and disabling time-outs, see Setting user connection options.

If a user time-out period expires, the Admin Console automatically alerts the server with an announcement. Users who are logged in, but not actively working in a database, may risk losing editing updates if you manually kill their session when their user session expires.

For more information about disconnecting users, including soft and hard kills, see Disconnecting user sessions.

You can extend user time-outs for users on the server and performing administration tasks on the Connections tab in the Concordance Desktop Admin Console.

To Manually Extend User Time-Outs

1.On the Connections tab, do one of the following:

Click the Server side tab to extend a users session on the server.

Click the Administration side tab to extend a users session in the Admin Console.

2.In the user listing, click the applicable user connections.

i.To select multiple connections, use SHIFT+click or CTRL+click.

3.Click the Extend button.

i.Clicking the Extend button resets the session time-out to number of minutes entered in the Idle session timeout field in the Connection options dialog box, and updates the time-out minutes displayed in the Expiration column.

The Idle session timeout can also be set on the Settings tab in the Concordance Desktop Admin Console. For more information. see Adjusting time-outs.