Disconnecting user sessions

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Disconnecting user sessions

If a user does not respond to a broadcast message to exit the system or you have a need for users to exit the system immediately, you can manually disconnect them.

You can disconnect user sessions on the server and to the Admin Console from the Connections tab in the Admin Console.

For more information about time-out settings on the Settings tab, see Adjusting time-outs.

If you disconnect a user when they are in the process of clicking on the File menu, the user will not receive the message that their connection has been terminated.

To Disconnect User Sessions

1.On the Connections tab, do one of the following:

Click the Server side tab to disconnect user sessions on the server.

Click the Administration side tab to disconnect user sessions in the Admin Console.

2.In the user listing, click the applicable user connections.

i.To select multiple connections, use SHIFT+click or CTRL+click.

3.Click the Kill button.

4.You are asked to confirm that you want to disconnect the user's session, click Yes.