Distributing the shortcut (.fyi) file to users

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Distributing the shortcut (.fyi) file to users

Users cannot access remote Concordance Desktop databases without having the .fyi file distributed to them. You must also ensure that the port setting is entered in the Admin Console and is open for inbound and outbound traffic. The shortcut (.fyi) file does not need to be redistributed to users unless the serial number or port address changes.

Concordance Desktop Shortcut FYI Distribution Checklist


E-mail Template

Prepare an e-mail template for distributing the Concordance Desktop shortcut (.fyi) file to users to ensure that this process is fast and easy the next time a user needs access.

Include the sohrtcut (.fyi) file in the e-mail and instruct users to save the file to their computer desktop.


Logons and Passwords

Include the user’s logon, as well as the server or host name and port (usually 443),  they need when opening the shortcut (.fyi) file on their compute desktop.


Launching Concordance Desktop

After users have saved the shortcut (.fyi) file to their desktop, they can double-click the file to launch the Concordance Desktop application.

Once users have entered their logon and password, and entered the server/host name and port, the database opens in Concordance Desktop.

*If a user receives an error message stating that the server is unreachable or other message or pop-up, instruct them to contact you. The error is probably due to an incorrect server address and you will need to verify whether the port setting is correct and open.


User Session Timeout Allotments

Inform users of the user session time allotment you have designated for them. Users should know that when their user session timeout period is nearly finished, they will receive an announcement indicating that they should save their work. If a user is logged on, but not actively working, the Concordance Desktop application on the server will then disconnect them from the database and Concordance Desktop, and they risk losing data. To re-open a user session, a user should save their work, exit Concordance Desktop and re-launch the application, thereby opening a new user session period.