Creating shortcut (.fyi) files

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Creating shortcut (.fyi) files

In the Concordance Desktop Admin Console, you can create shortcut (.fyi) files that allow users to open remote databases in Concordance Desktop.

Concordance Desktop needs to be installed on the user's computer and Internet access needs to be available.

The shortcut (.fyi) file contains the connection information needed to address the Concordance Desktop server and request the database. The shortcut (.fyi) file includes the server/host name and port number, which can be viewed in a text editor program. Users can access the shortcut (.fyi) file when you e-mail them the file pointing to the database, along with their Concordance Desktop user name.

When working with shortcut (.fyi) files, consider the following:

Shortcut (.fyi) files can be viewed in a text editor program where you can manually change the server/host name, port listing and database description.

Do not modify the serial number contained in the Shortcut .fyi file as this invalidates the file.

There is no limit to the number of shortcut (.fyi) files that can be generated.

When distributing shortcut (.fyi) files from a concatenated set, only the primary database needs to be published to a Shortcut (.fyi) file, as long as the other joined databases are registered on the same Concordance Desktop server.

A new shortcut (.fyi) file is needed when the following occurs:

The port address changes

A database is unregistered or registered

The server's name (computer name) changes

To Create a Shortcut FYI File

1.Log onto the Admin Console of the Concordance Desktop server where the database is registered.

2.Click the Management tab.

3.Double-click on the Databases folder to open the database list.

4.Right-click on the database for which you need to create a new shortcut (.fyi) file, and select Create Database Shortcut file.

i.A Save .FYI [database name] dialog box opens.

5.Select the appropriate Server Address.

6.Click Next.

7.Click the ellipses button to select the folder and file name for the new shortcut (.fyi) file.

8.Click Finish.

The shortcut (.fyi) file is saved under the file name and location you entered.