About snapshots

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About snapshots

Snapshots are a point-in-time picture of a user’s work history and helps them track and preserve both search history and search results. Saved snapshots can easily be restored to see what the contents of a database were on a particular day and what search results were found at that moment in time. Snapshots only store historical data, such as searches, the last record selection, and the last sort performed during a user’s Concordance Desktop session.

When a saved snapshot file is restored, Concordance Desktop automatically opens the databases associated with the file, with all queries and sorts preserved. These snapshots can only be restored in the original database they were created in.

Users may also choose to have the Auto-restore feature turned on which is a similar feature to saving a snapshot. This snapshot file contains that last record selection and last record viewed at the end of a Concordance Desktop session, so when users next access Concordance Desktop they can resume. The Auto-restore feature is enabled by default. The Auto-restore setting can be found under File > Snapshot in Concordance Desktop.