About Creating Databases

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About Creating Databases

When you create a database, Concordance Desktop imports the initial load files to populate the database with records. These initial files can be either PST files, electronic documents, or delimited text files prepared by a vendor (or other party), and can be imported directly into the new Concordance Desktop database. Concordance Desktop provides an Import Wizard to help you create the database.

After a database is created, additional files can be added directly to the database by dragging and dropping the files onto that database in Concordance Desktop. Though there are a few exceptions  in which dragging and dropping is not supported. The exceptions, along with more information about dragging and dropping can be found in the About adding extra files to a database topic.

When creating a new database, if you cancel at any time during the import process, it corrupts the new database. If you wish to create the new database again, you have to delete the corrupted database, and then start the create process from the beginning.