About delimiter characters

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About delimiter characters

Delimiters are unique characters that appear in the delimited text file and do not exist in your actual data. The delimiters are used to determine where fields break, to encase fields that have text with spaces, to indicate the start of a new line, and to indicate the start of a new record.  

Delimiters are customizable for an organization's internal database design, but many organizations ask vendors to use Concordance Desktop default delimiters. If your case records contain the registered trademark symbol, you may want to consider changing the ® to another symbol in the load file.

The following four columns represent the available delimiter characters. For each delimiter, the displayed symbol is on the left and the decimal equivalent is in parenthesis on the right. If the source program you are importing from uses a different font, it can change the symbolic representation of the delimiters. If this happens, match the delimiter characters with the decimal equivalents instead of relying on the displayed symbol. Using the decimal equivalents will always result in a correct delimiter match.