Concordance Silent Installs

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Concordance Silent Installs

When you need to install and activate the full version of Concordance on numerous machines, you can save time by running silent installations. Silent installations use a Setup.iss (InstallShield® Silent response) file to automatically run installations without requiring any user input.

To install Concordance using a Setup.iss file, you will first need to create the file itself. This file only needs to be created once. When you are creating the Setup.iss file, you performing a normal Concordance installation, and record each step of the installation process. After the Setup.iss file is created, it can be used to install Concordance silently on any other machine.


Please check to ensure you are not exceeding your License Agreement when you are creating the Setup.iss file for installing Concordance. Enterprise Client Licenses are the only licenses that allow installing full Enterprise Network Licenses on multiple servers or workstations.


When upgrading to the latest version of Concordance, you must uninstall the older version before proceeding with the installation.


If planning to use silent installation with Concordance, it is recommended that the following prerequisites are installed on any machine that will use/create the Setup.iss file.  Some pre-requisites may require a reboot, which will interrupt the installation recording and playback.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable - x86

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Sp1

Create a Setup.iss File for Installing Concordance

1.Open a Windows Command Prompt by typing cmd into the Windows search bar and selecting the Command Prompt App.

2.Enter the full path to the Concordance<version>_install.exe file followed by -r and press Enter.

3.Complete all of the installation and activation steps.

4.Once the install completes, the Setup.iss file is created in the C:\Windows directory.

5.Create a network folder and add the following files to the folder:



Concordance_<version>.license (a hidden file found in the Concordance application data directory, normally found in C:\ProgramData\CloudNine\Concordance 10)

Install Concordance Using a Setup.iss File

1.Open a Windows Command Prompt by typing cmd in the Windows search bar and selecting the Command Prompt App.

2.Navigate to the network path where your silent install files are located (see step 5 above).

3.Type Concordance<version>_install.exe -s -f1<fully qualified path to setup.iss file> and press Enter.  For example, for Concordance 10, if your setup.iss file is located in the C:\installs folder you would type Concordance10_install.exe -s -f1"C:\installs\setup.iss".

4.The installation runs silently.  After it completes, you can view information about the installation in the Setup.log file, which can be found in the same folder as the Setup.iss file.

5.Add a copy of the Concordance_<version>.license file to the directory where Concordance was installed (default is C:\ProgramData\CloudNine\Concordance 10).