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Browsing Preferences


Local settings


Apply settings to

Determines what database the Browse settings are applied to. Browse settings can be applied to any database in a group of concatenated databases.

Select the field to display in the title bar while browsing

Determines which field will be displayed in the Concordance title bar for the current document in the Browse, Table, and Edit views.

For transcript databases, Concordance automatically displays the name, date and volume of the current document in the Title bar.

Select the field to sort the default query by

Determines the sort order of a database when it's opened and before running a search, also known as the default query.

This can be set to any field designated as a key field on the New or Modify dialog boxes. Selecting <none> sorts the database by document number.

Tag action


Select the default action of double-clicking a tag

Specifies what happens when you double-click a tag. You can always access the tagging options menu in Concordance by right-clicking a tag.

Issue coding


Use shift-left-click for issue coding

Issues are applied to highlighted text in Concordance when shift-left-clicking.

Use left-click for issue coding (original method)

Issues are applied to highlighted text in Concordance when left-clicking.