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The Preferences dialog box contains settings used by both the administrator and reviewers. You can choose to prevent certain users from accessing the Preferences dialog box by applying security to this menu item. Most of the preferences are Microsoft Windows registry settings, but there are several options that allow you to apply selections to all databases.

Setting some of your viewing parameters helps to ease browsing by offering more record details onscreen, changing the red highlight color for keywords, and choosing default settings for the Concordance Image viewer application.

To open the Preferences dialog box, use the Tools menu from the User Interface.

The Preferences dialog box contains seven tabs:

General - settings used when starting and closing Concordance, enable/disable Workspace options, and assigning fields for attachments.

Searching - settings for the default search behavior and search engine.

Browsing - settings for the title bar field, default query field, and tag and issue options.

Wizards - settings for enabling or disabling the import and export wizards.

Viewer - settings for the default viewer application and View image (camera) button preferences.

Indexing - settings for configuring the amount of memory allocated to indexing and reindexing.

CPL - settings for CPLs, such as the CPL font selection.


Any setting changes made in the Preferences dialog box require you to close Concordance and restart the application before taking effect.