Creating Fields and List Items

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Creating Fields and List Items

AddFieldInfoIcon Creating Custom Metadata Fields

1.From the Menu of the Main User Interface, select Index > Modify Fields.

2.The Modify Fields utility opens. Click on the + Add Field button located at the top-left in the Toolbar. The Add Field window opens.

3.Enter a Name for the new custom field, observing the following rules:

i.The following characters cannot be used for field names < > : " / \ | ? *

ii.Field names cannot begin with a number.

iii.Field names are case-insensitive, and must be unique. For example, "data" = "Data" = "DATA" when naming fields.

4.Choose either Document-Level or Page-Level from the Table drop-down menu:

a)Document-Level fields apply the same value to all pages of a document.

b)Page-Level fields apply unique values to every page of a document.

5.Choose a Field Type from the Type drop-down menu. Check the box next to each property you wish to enable for this new field:

a)Indexed fields have their text data accessible when performing full-text searching, but should only be applied to fields which will contain Unique data across all records.

b)Unique fields ensure that the data contained is unique across all records, but can only be applied in conjunction with the Indexed property.

c)The Insert at the top of list option makes this new field Visible and places it at the top of the Field Order list.

6.Click on OK to create this new field. The Add Field window closes, and the Add Another Field prompt opens.

7.To create more Custom Metadata Fields, select Yes and repeat steps 3-6 for each new field. Otherwise, select No to close the prompt.

8.Click on Save to the right of the Active Profile shown at the bottom-left of the Modify Fields utility. The LAW PreDiscovery prompt appears.

9.Select Yes to save these new Custom Metadata Field changes to your Active Profile. You can safely close the Modify Fields utility.

List Items

List Items can only be created for Custom Metadata Fields of the List type. These items become the set of pre-defined text values that can be applied at the document-level to various case records. To create these lists, select the desired field from the Field List pane within the Modify Fields utility, and click on the Edit List button in the Toolbar. This will open the List Editor for the selected field:

ModifyFieldsListEditorWindowIcon List Editor

In this tool, the current list of items are shown in the large List Items pane on the left. Select items from this list by left-clicking on them. You can create new items by typing into the Current Item box to the right and clicking on the Add button below, or remove them by selecting unwanted items from the list and clicking on the Delete button. You can also change items by selecting them from the list, typing a new value into the Current Item box, and clicking on the Update button. Use the Clear All button at the bottom to remove all items from the list.

These lists can be imported/exported for use in multiple Case Files, or across multiple computers working on the same case. Use the Export... button to open a File Explorer and save all items from the list as an LST file. Use the Import... button to open a File Explorer and navigate to an LST file to use as the new list of items.


Adding Items from Outside the List Editor

Items can also be automatically added to these lists by enabling a certain option from the LAW Options window. You can open the Options window from the Menu of the Main User Interface by selecting Tools > Options.... Navigate to the Preferences tab, and enable the Add all new list field values to list on update option. You can now type directly into the output area of any List type Custom Metadata Field within the Visible Metadata Fields pane of the Main User Interface, and then click on Update at the bottom-right of that pane to instantly add that item to the list.