Viewing Documents

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Viewing Documents

Viewing Documents on the EXPLORE Page

In CloudNine™ Explore Web, you can select one or more saved searches and run them with one click. When you run multiple search queries, each search query is run individually against the filtered case files. Once each query finishes running, you can click the saved query to view the search results in the document list pane.

Starting from the EXPLORE page for a case:

1.In the Selected Criteria pane, enter the keyword(s) or search query you want to search for in the Search Term box.

2.Optionally specify a date range using the two calendar fields below the Search Term box.  The date range only looks for date range matches within the case's filtered documents.

3.If you want to include documents without dates in the search results, select the Include items without dates check box.

4.Optionally add one or more search criteria using the items at the bottom of the Selected Criteria pane (Custodians, Sources, Import Sessions, Saved Searches, Exports, File Types, Document Types, Conversants).

5.When you are done configuring your search, click GO! to run the search.  The search results are displayed in the document list pane.

6.Click a file in the document list pane.  The document details pane displays information for the file selected.

7.If you entered specific search terms, you can use the up and down arrows to move through highlighted search hits in the file content.

8.Use the tabs at the bottom of the document details pane to see Email Thread, Near Dupe, Duplicates, and More Metadata information.

9.You can use the Tag document icon on the toolbar to tag your result list, if needed.