Running Saved Searches

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Running Saved Searches


When saved searches queries are running, users can continue working in CloudNine™ Explore Web, but sources cannot be deleted from a case and OCR cannot be performed on documents in CloudNine™ Explore while the searches are processing.

Running Saved Search Queries

In CloudNine™ Explore Web, you can select one or more saved searches and run them with one click. When you run multiple search queries, each search query is run individually against the filtered case files. Once each query finishes running, you can click the saved query to view the search results in the document list pane.

Starting from the SEARCH page for a case:

1.In the Search Request pane, select the check box next to the saved search queries you want to run.  If you want to select all searches, select the check box in the header row.

2.Click the Run checked searches (magnifying glass) icon in the toolbar.

3.If the search has never been run, or if the case data has been modified since the search was previously run, the search will execute.  Once the search is complete, the Count and Size fields will be updated in the Search Request pane.