Viewing activities

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Viewing activities

The server activities are listed on the Log tab for both the Admin Console Server and the server. Select either side tab to view server activities.

Concordance Desktop Server Activities

The Log listing has six columns of server information as outlined in the Concordance Desktop server Activities table:

Log Tab Columns



A single letter indicating the message type:

O – Open

C – Close

X – Exit (log off)

L – Log on

S – Server Start

T – Server Terminate (shut down)

I – Information

E – Error

W – Warning

! – Severe error

Session ID

A unique session ID assigned when logging on


The user’s IP address


The user’s logon name


The date and time of the log entry


A description of the action

To Refresh the Log Tab

The server activities list on the Log tab can be automatically updated as changes are recorded by the server:

To automatically refresh the activities displayed on the Log tab, make sure that the Auto refresh button is toggled to on.

oWhen the Auto refresh function is turned on, the server activities list on the Log tab will automatically refresh at the rate specified in the Server log options dialog box.

To manually refresh the activities displayed on the Log tab, on the Log tab, click the Refresh button.

When the Auto refresh feature is turned on, the Log tab does not need to be manually refreshed.