Deleting users

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Deleting users

Users can be manually deleted from the Concordance Desktop Admin Console. When you delete the user, it removes their user account from the Concordance Desktop server, preventing them from being able to open any of the databases on the Concordance Desktop server.

To Delete a User from a Concordance Desktop Server

You must be an administrator on the Concordance Desktop server where you need to add users, as only Administrators can open the Admin Console.

To delete a user on a Concordance Desktop server:

1.Log onto the server where the user account needs to be added.

i.This can be done by either:

Logging into the computer that has been registered as the Concordance Desktop server

Using Windows Desktop Remote to log into the physical Concordance Desktop server computer

2.Run Concordance Desktop on the server computer.  

3.From the File menu, click Administration, and then Admin Console.

4.Enter your administrator Logon name and Password.

5.Enter the Concordance Desktop server Host name and the Port number (usually 10001) to use for accessing the Admin Console.

6.Click Connect.

7.Click the Management tab.

8.Double-click on the Users folder to open the list of user accounts on the server.

9.Right-click on the user name of the user you need to delete and click Delete user.

10.You are asked to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

11.Click the Synchronize now button to remove the user's association with all databases on the server that are associated with the "All User Groups" matter .

To Remove a User's Access to a Specific Database

Access to a database is controlled by the association of the database and a user group with a specific matter. Therefore, when you need to remove a user's access from a database, you actually have to remove the user from the user group associated with the matter to which the database is associated.

First, determine the user group associated with the matter to which the database is associated. Once you know the user group, follow the steps below.

1.Open and log onto the Admin Console.

2.Click the Management tab.

3.Double-click on the User group folder to display the list of user groups.

4. Double-click on the user group that is associated with the matter to which the database is associated.

5.Right-click on the user name of the user to be removed and select Remove user from usergroup.

6.Click the Synchronize now button to synchronize the change with the database.