Resetting a user's password

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Resetting a user's password

If a user has forgotten a password, an administrator user can reset their password, provided the administrator is assigned as an administrator on the Concordance Desktop server where the user needs to have their password reset. The password reset feature does not allow the administrator to create a new password for the user, instead it removes the old password. The next time the user attempts to open a database on the server, they are asked to create their new password. This process ensures the integrity of the user's password.  

If you are using external authentication, such as Microsoft Active Directory, user passwords cannot be reset from the Concordance Desktop Admin Console. User passwords can only be reset in the Admin Console if Concordance Desktop is the authentication type.

If you reset an administrator's password, make sure that you tell them they must open a database, as opposed to the Admin Console, in order to reset their password. Administrators cannot reset their passwords from the Admin Console log on.

To Reset a User's Password

1.From the File menu click Administration, and then Admin Console, to open the Admin Console.

2.Log onto the server where the user needs their password reset.

3.Click the Management tab.

4.Double-click the Users folder to expand the list of users.

5.Locate and click on the user ID of the user whose password needs to be reset.

6.In the user account pane on the right, click Reset Password.

i.You are asked if you want to reset the user's password.

ii.In the New password and Confirm new password field, type the new user password.

7.Click Yes.

8.Click the Synchronize now button to synchronize the change with all databases on the server to which the user has access.


This resets the user's password to be blank.

The next time the user attempts to open a database on this server, the New password screen opens.