About deleting records

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About deleting records

You may need to delete records if there are duplicate records or opposing counsel unintentionally produced privileged documents. Deleting records is a two-step process: mark for deletion, then pack the database to permanently remove the records. Reviewers can flag records for deletion, but they are not permanently removed from the database until the database is packed. Packing a database permanently deletes the records from the database, and there is no undo function for this process, therefore the Pack Database menu command should only be available to administrators.

Once records are flagged for deletion, you can run a query to review those flagged documents. This is your only fail-proof means of restoring a record after it is removed from the database. If you find that you later need to restore the deleted records, the only way to restore a record permanently deleted from a database is to import the deleted records back into the database.

Deleting Records Overview:

Deleting is a three-step process: mark for deletion, remove tags from the records marked for deletion, and then pack the database

Make a back-up copy of records marked for deletion by exporting those records to another Concordance Desktop database

Packing is permanent; there is no Undo button

Packing the database is an exclusive process