Backing up FYI.db files

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Backing up FYI.db files

The FYI.db file holds all settings for the Concordance Desktop Admin Console, links to the database, and includes the database name. As a standard practice, you can always export a copy of your database to make a backup. You can also create a backup copy of the FYI.db file by stop and restarting the Concordance Desktop server services in the Concordance Desktop Admin Console.

If your FYI.db is corrupted and irretrievable, you will lose the following:

User settings: must re-enter all users and re-apply user permissions

Client, matter, user groups and database structure: must rebuild folders and organize databases per matters


We recommend that you regularly make backup copies of the FYI.db file if administrators are performing tasks in the Concordance Desktop Admin Console that affects information you want stored in the FYI.db file, such as registering and removing databases, managing logs, setting up network maps.

Back-Up Considerations:

We encourage you to back up your primary databases every night.

If you have secondary databases that are not accessed as much, consider backing them up on a weekly basis.

If you are performing full nightly backups, you need to take your databases offline. You can conduct incremental backups.

Remember to make time for backup copies of your Snapshot files so they can be restored for reviewers; backing up this file can be a time consuming task given that some .SNP files reach terabyte size

Always back-up your FYI.db files before performing any updates to any products or services that run on the server that hosts the Concordance Desktop server. Do not use live backups as it may corrupt your databases.

Do not copy and paste the .dcb file because Windows could corrupt it.

To Back Up the FYI.db File

1.In the Admin Console, click the Server tab.

2.Click the Stop button to stop the Concordance Desktop server services.

3.To recover the file, locate the directory folder where Concordance Desktop is installed.

i.The default location is C:\Users\All Users\LexisNexis\Concordance Desktop. The last 10 nightly backups are automatically stored in this directory.

ii.Here is an example of what a backup file name may look like: f68f7096-a85e-49be-823b-b48fd0617137.db

4.Select the latest version of the .db file for the date and time when services were stopped and rename the file or move it to a different directory location.

5.Rename the file to FYI.db.

6.In the Concordance Desktop Admin Console, on the Server tab, click the Start button to restart the Concordance Desktop server services.

i.When you restart the services, it relinks to the new FYI.db file. Every time you restart services, the server looks for a FYI.db file in the install directory.