About backups and data recovery

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About backups and data recovery

For information about backing up SQL Server and other supporting products, refer to your organization’s internal guidelines or source documentation.

Please read all the topics in the Backing Up Concordance Desktop server topic to ensure that you are not missing any relevant information. If regular backups are not scheduled, you can possibly risk losing data.

Backups for the Concordance Desktop server include the following:

FYI.db file

Concordance Desktop databases

User Management settings (under each database folder)


List files, queries, and other supporting files

Most FYI ASPs and large firms and organizations should already have backup and data retrieval planning outlined and implemented, as well as disaster recovery protocols. Determining backup schedules for the Concordance Desktop server depends on the number of databases and users you have to manage. If you have numerous users accessing databases and running tasks, you may want to consider scheduling backups twice daily. If you only have a few databases with a handful of users accessing them, you may be able to set backup schedules to once a week.

Do not perform live backups if you are using backup software that locks files, even briefly. This has been known to cause read/write functions to the database files to fail, and can cause file synchronization or corruption issues. Check with your IT group and/or backup solution provider to verify that no file locking occurs before scheduling any backups on the Concordance Desktop server and Concordance Desktop files that are in use.

Be aware that anti-virus, firewall, and backup software can often interfere with network traffic and the locking of files, and in effect could cause Concordance Desktop software to crash.