About other maintenance tasks

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About other maintenance tasks

In addition to backing up and preserving databases, your Concordance Desktop administrator performs several processes that keep your document collection streamlined and running efficiently.

Reviewers should understand how these processes affect their document collections, but should not attempt to use any of these tools without consulting their Concordance Desktop administrator or having received proper database administration training for Concordance Desktop.

The following administrative functions do not have an undo feature to retrieve data once the process is performed:

Zap - deletes every record in the database

Pack - if not done properly, can delete all of the records in the database

Delete Tags - deletes all tags in the database

Global Replace - if not done properly, can change data throughout the entire database unintentionally


We highly recommend that security is applied to every Concordance Desktop database to preserve document collections and protect staff from inadvertently deleting or altering critical information.


This is an administration-only function. The Zap feature is used to remove all documents from a database, freeing space in Concordance Desktop. Once all documents are purged, only the stopwords file and field definitions are retained in the database. When zapping a database, there is no undo feature for document retrieval so administrators must back up databases before running this process.


This is an administration-only function. The Pack feature is used for both the document database and dictionary file. Packing a database removes all documents that are marked for deletion. Packing a dictionary optimizes its file structure to increase search speed and reindex processing time. Once performed, there is no undo button for data retrieval, unless your Concordance Desktop administrator has made a backup file of all deleted records.

Delete Tags

The Delete Tags feature is used either to remove a tags from all documents, or remove all tags from a database. There is no undo feature once this process is performed.

Global Replace

Global editing is basically running a Find and Replace process for words or phrases in a database. The Global Replace function can perform replacements on specific fields, full or empty fields, with or without case sensitivity, and with or without confirmation before replacement. Caution must be used when replacing data, otherwise information in your document collection may be unintentionally and permanently altered. There is no undo feature once this process is performed.