Saving a Concatenated File Set

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Saving a Concatenated File Set

Always consult with your Concordance administrator before saving personal concatenated files to your hard drive or network to ensure you are following internal guidelines for this process. Saving .cat files can affect other users, so you need to exercise care and caution.

You have two options for saving your personal concatenated files:

Name the concatenated file as you wish and save it to your hard drive or network in a directory that is not the directory containing the primary database file.

Name the file differently than the primary database and save it in the primary database's directory or another network or hard drive folder.


If you name your personal concatenated file set's .cat file the same name as the primary database and store it in the same folder location as the primary database, then all the databases listed in the file launch automatically when the primary database is opened. This could create confusion and search problems for other team members.

Save a Personal Concatenated File

1.Join the databases you want to include in the concatenated file.

2.On the File menu, select Concatenate, and then Save list.

3.Browse to where you want to save the file, type the name of the .cat file in the File name field, and click Save.

4.In the Concatenated Databases dialog, click Done.


If you want to know which databases are joined together in a concatenated file, you can open the .cat file in Concordance, or you can open it in any text editor program to view the list of databases.