Opening a Concatenated File Set

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Opening a Concatenated File Set

When you open concatenated (.cat) files in Concordance, Concordance automatically opens each of the databases joined together in the file, and lets you search and review the databases as one database.

A concatenated file is an editable text file that you can open in any text editor program to review and edit the joined databases.

Open a Concatenated File in Concordance

1.In Concordance, on the File menu, select Concatenate, and then Open list.

2.Locate and open the .cat file.  A new tab displays on the Workspace pane. The new tab name defaults to the name of the primary database in the concatenated file.

Open a Concatenated File in a Text Editor

1.Locate and right-click to select the .cat file on your hard drive or network.

2.Select Open With and select the text editor program.

3.The file contains a list of the joined databases with their corresponding directory paths.  You can manually edit the .cat file, including cutting and pasting database directory paths directly into the text editor program and saving the file.