Review with Concordance Native Viewer

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Review with Concordance Native Viewer

Utilizing the media key (image key) field in Concordance, Concordance Native Viewer can synchronize with the current Concordance database and display the associated documents.  Using Concordance Native Viewer you can view native documents, removing the need to purchase and open the document in its native application.  CNV opens the near-native view of the supported document types allowing you to review and annotate them.

With Concordance Native Viewer open alongside the Concordance application, you can view a record in the Browse and Table views while viewing the same record in the Native Viewer.

Concordance Native Viewer stores references to all native documents and image information in a single Concordance Image Base database (.cib) file. The .cib file is located in the same folder as the associated Concordance database (.dcb).  


Due to changes within Brava, our third party vendor, if you are currently working on a review with Concordance Native Viewer version 1.08 or earlier, it is recommended that you complete the review and produce the files before upgrading to Concordance Native Viewer version 1.10 or later.  For more information, contact Concordance Technical Support.

Supported Files

Concordance Native Viewer works with the following file types:

File Type


*.tif, *.tiff

Tagged Image File

*.jpg, *.jpeg

Joint Photographic Experts Group


Graphic Image File




ASCII text


PC Paintbrush Bitmap


Comma-Separated Values

*.cal, *.cals



Adobe Portable Document Format

*.doc, *.dot, *.docx

Microsoft Word

*.ppt, *.pps, *.pptx, *.pptm

Microsoft PowerPoint®

*.xls, *.xlsx

Microsoft Excel® (See note below)


Microsoft Outlook 2010 Message File




Rich Text Format

*.html, *.htm

Web/HTML — Only supported in E-Document databases.


When working with a Microsoft Excel workbook that contains more than one worksheet, the data for all the worksheets is stored in the corresponding Concordance database; however, Concordance Native Viewer only displays the first worksheet during review.