Protecting Data

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Protecting Data

Protecting discovery document collections is a sensitive and demanding job.  Your Concordance administrator or Litigation Support Manager must perform a variety of maintenance processes and manage various files to preserve the integrity of your document collection.  Stringent litigation guidelines must be adhered to and maintenance schedules followed to protect the information and ensure your databases are up-to-date and running efficiently for the review team.

Processes involved in protecting your Concordance databases include:

Taking Snapshots

Backing Up Databases

Zapping Databases

Packing Databases

Deleting Tags

Performing Global Replacements

Consult with your Concordance administrator or Litigation Support Manager to gain a deeper understanding of your organization’s maintenance process schedule.  If you are responsible for maintaining the database at an administrative level, it is recommended that you attend our Concordance Administration Fundamentals and Concordance Certified System Administrator classes.


Avoid using administrative features in Concordance that you are unfamiliar with, because you could inadvertently cause data loss or corruption. These features may also require a backup of the database before proceeding.

Whenever possible, consult with your database administrator before attempting to use any administrative features so they can either backup the database before you proceed or take care of administrative tasks for you.