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The Concordance Image Base (.cib) file for Concordance Viewer and Concordance Native Viewer links native documents and images with their corresponding records in Concordance.   An .opt file is used to import the document and image information into the .cib file. Once a .cib file is created for a Concordance database, you can view the referenced documents and images in Concordance Viewer or Concordance Native Viewer.  

If you have an existing .cib file and receive additional files for the database, you can use the Image Base Management tools in Concordance to load the new files and .opt file to the .cib without affecting the current records or any markup that have been applied.

The .opt file can contain both documents and images that are either single-page or multiple-page files and each file must contain a unique ID (media key).  Before loading an .opt file, make sure to review the file to verify that it provides an image alias (media key), volume, file name and path, and page break.  If your document and image files and image load file was provided by a vendor on removable media, the path information will likely need to be changed.

If a vendor provides documents and images, but not the corresponding load file (.opt, .log, .txt), you can still load your document and images into Concordance and then use Documents>Export>Concordance Native Viewer command to create an OPT file to use with Concordance Native Viewer.  This option is not available for Concordance Viewer.


When importing a multi-page image file, make sure that the file is formatted as a .tif file (.tif formatted files are the only image type file that recognizes document breaks).  All other image formatted files (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc.) can only be imported as a single-page single image file.  

The viewer can only associate one image file with a record, so you cannot use multiple single-page image files to represent a multi-page image.

Load Additional .opt Files

1.On the File menu, select Administration, and then click Image Base Management.  The Image Base Management dialog displays.

2.Make sure the .cib you want to load to is displayed in the Path field, otherwise Browse to the correct .cib file and select it.  

3.Click Load/Update OPT to CIB.

4.Navigate to the location of the load file (.opt, .log, or .txt) and select it.  Click Open.

5.A progress dialog displays.  If no errors occur, the dialog closes automatically.

6.Click OK to close the Image Base Management dialog.


Successfully loaded OPT files are renamed to filename.Imported_opt in the directory folder where the .opt file was loaded.


We recommend that you take some time to experiment with loading an image file and practice edits or repairs to it so you become adept at identifying and fixing any corruption yourself.  Most technical support calls for this phase of administration are due to an incorrect file path.